Scuba Diving Cenotes


Cenote is a term only used in Mexico and comes from a Mayan word "dzonot" which means "deep" wells are wells of fresh water created by erosion of limestone, soft and porous, but for Maya world were the source of life that provided the vital fluid, besides being a gateway to the wonders of this world and the center of communion with the gods.


In the Yucatan Peninsula there are many wells and is one of the most exciting experiences that can only be enjoyed in this part of the world, is to dive and explore these great and mysterious cenotes and their hidden rivers.


We offer cenotes like Chak Mol, Jardin del Eden, Tajmajal, Dos Ojos,  where you can bring the hole family and all non divers friends and enjoy this magical paradise, swim in wonderful fresh water cenotes and underground cavern.


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Two Tank Cenote Cavern Dive


Dive two tank dive at the cenotes in crystal clear fresh water (150 + feet visibility). See all the Stalagmites and Stalacites on the way that they are intended to be seen in its pure and natural way.

Certification level required:
Open Water Diver or higher
Guide to diver ratio:
1 instructor to 4 divers maximum
Diving depths:
30 a 60 feet (9 a 20 meters)
We provide free transportation from your hotel to cenote and back to your hotel.


Important Notes:
  • The whole tour takes from 9:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs aprox.
  • Please make reservation at least a day in advance.
  • Price includes tanks, weights, flashlight, transportation, entrance fees,certified guide,drinks.