Scuba Diving Ocean Diving

Ocean Diving

The current here is generally mild, thus excellent for new and experienced divers alike. Our experienced guides will always be along to accompany you as you gently drift along the reef in one direction. Topside, our boats will follow your bubbles and be there ready to pick you up at the end of your dive.
All dive spots are 10 to 20 min away from our dive shop and depth from 30 to 100 ft(10 to 30 m)
We leave at 9:00 hrs and return before 12:00 hrs
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Dive Summary

Depending on the site, depths range from 10-30 metres/30-100 feet.
For open-ocean dives, visibility can range from 12 metres/40 feet in the winter to 23 metres/75 feet in the summer. Visibility in cenotes or caverns can reach 122 metres/400 feet year-round.
Currents are generally mild, but can be strong at some sites depending on depht and weather conditions.
Water Temperature:
Water temperature averages 26-28˚Celsius/79-82˚Fahrenheit in the winter and 27-29˚ Celsius/81-84˚ Fahrenheit in summer. A light to medium wet suit or skin is recommended.
Dive Season:
You can go diving all year round, the air temperature is between 20 to 32 degrees Celsius(65 to 100 F).
Most ocean sites are reached by boat, and transportation to cenotes is provided
There are plenty of dive sites along Playa Del Carmen  such as:
  • Green Wall
  • Barracuda
  • Chun zun bul
  • Moc Che
  • Snapper cave
  • Cerebros
  • Cuevitas
  • Santos
  • Escuelita
  • Jardines
  • Castillo
  • Angelita